ARPCT and Skillsoft are proud to provide this online campus for people with disabilities and those who serve them.


The Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Computer Technology (ARPCT) has teamed with several world leading providers and supporters of web based e-learning to offer thousands of hours of corporate quality, tuition-free, on-line training in a variety of professional development and career related areas , incuding Information Technology, Business Compliance, Accounting, and Finance. These courses are offered to people with disabilities and to the professionals that serve them.  ARPCT is an international association dedicated to bridging the digital divide since it started in 1977 under IBM sponsorship.

ARPCT, in partnership with Skillsoft, National Science Foundation, CARF International and the Educational Technology Graduate Program at Western Michigan University has formed the first on-line international training center for people with disabilities as well as for the professionals and paraprofessionals that directly serve them. This consortium has formed EditU (Education for People with Disabilities in Informational Technology University) to provide both on-line supplemental support to rehabilitation facilities, community based organizations and other workforce development training programs, as well as direct access for qualified individuals with disabilities lacking access to local vocational rehabilitation training and placement support.