ARPCT and Skillsoft are proud to provide this online campus for people with disabilities and those who serve them.

Getting Started

Orientation РAvailable Courses 
Interpersonal Skills – Training that will help learners develop the critical interpersonal and professional skills required in today’s workplace. Learning paths offer practical techniques and examples that can help learners to enhance the learner’s workplace performance and contribution.

IT Skills Learning paths designed in partnership with software vendors that provides training and support for every stage of the IT career path learning curve.

Business Skills – Career minded learning paths that not only ground learners in business and financial theory, but also allow learners to practice learners’ knowledge in realistic role-play and business modeling scenarios.

E-Business – Using extensive multimedia resources – animation, streamed seminars, and mentored exercises – this training helps both the technical and business sides of an organization prepare for the New Economy.

Home and Business – For people with disabilities and the professionals that directly serve them who want to learn the computing basics without sacrificing too much of their leisure time, these paths deliver instruction on IT and business topics relevant to entry level Informational Technology positions.

Certification – Skillsoft has long been the leading provider of certification programs for IT professionals including MOUS, A+ network, MCSE, Novell, and Cisco, and it reported by SmartForce that nearly 85 percent of the learners who pass the Skillsoft assessment tests on learning paths directly mapped to exams are able to master the certification testing.

There are no tuition costs for classes. The training and/or individual registrant receives free unlimited 12-month access to all the courses, a 24×7 online library, 24×7 Mentor support, 24×7 assessment tests, customized instructional content, online progress reporting access to live and archived presentation by leading experts, chat areas and evaluations. The cost of certification testing is not covered by the enrollment fee as it needs to be done through an independent certification vendor. However, access to the online training is still an exceptional value and a great way for clients and their instructors to upgrade IT and other career related skills and/or learn new professional skills. For course samples, please see Skillsoft Demos.